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Kidnapped For Christ

Kate Logan
Kate Logan, Yada Zamora, Paul A. Levin

Kidnapped for Christ follows the stories of several American teenagers who were taken from their homes and sent to an Evangelical Christian reform school known as Escuela Caribe located in the Dominican Republic. The school is run by Americans and is advertised as a "therapeutic Christian boarding school" whose mission is to "help struggling youth transform into healthy Christian adults." In reality, this school employed classic brainwashing techniques to break down and rebuild its students.One such student was David, a gay teenager taken in the middle of the night to the Dominican Republic to be reprogrammed into a straight, born-again Christian. Once David's community found out what had happened to him, they formed a plan to bring him home on his 18th birthday. The struggles they faced to secure David's freedom revealed just how far Escuela Caribe would go to prevent their students from leaving.

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