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L.A. Roll

Thomas Torres, Helki Frantzen

Everyone needs an outlet.  LA Roll is a feature length documentary about a vibrant sub-culture of dance roller skaters in Los Angeles who live for skating because it is their creative release from work and daily struggles. This community of dance skaters (also known as rhythm skaters) has invented a unique fashion and skate style by combining all kinds of dress shoes with custom painted plates and ground down fiber wheels resembling low riders. This combined with the signature LA Funk style of hip hop and R&B music has led to forms of skating not seen any where else in the skating world.

Although this rhythm skating community is thriving in Los Angeles, more and more rinks have closed as the city rapidly expands and changes, leaving only the rinks that are outside the city’s edges. The skating community is stretched thin, and skaters have to balance their work lives to travel even further to maintain this rich community that gives them family and meaning.  Our film, weaving together a series of intimate portraits, follows a diverse group of these roller skaters as they navigate their daily lives while obsessively pursuing their roller skating dreams.  

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