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Living With Shadows

Ayelet Cohen
Avi Bohbot, Chaos Films

Living with Shadows reveals testimonies of rape and sexual abuse of Jewish women and men during World War II. Reenactment of documented testimonies breaks the taboo and permits the victims to be free of the burden to carry their secrets. Testimonies of late victims are performed by professional actors, whose personal stories are related to the movie’s topic. They present stories of abuse, using an original and multilayered cinematic language; rebuilding victims’ memories of horror in a light box theater of paper silhouettes. The paper silhouettes represent real people from past, and are brought to life using animation and sound. The majority of the film’s subjects have already passed away, leaving behind heartbreaking testimonies that will be revealed for the first time on screen. Only a handful of survivors are left to come forward with their stories, such as Lydia, who was raped by a partisan soldier who inevitably saved her life and Eliram, who was abused by his adoptive family that ironically was meant to protect him from the Nazis. Both share their testimony in the movie, and we are still on the hunt for more living survivors to document.

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