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Lost Crusade: America's Secret Cambodian Mercenaries

Matthew Torne

Lost Crusade is feature length documentary based on the book ‘Lost Crusade: America’s Secret Cambodian Mercenaries’ by Peter Scott. Focusing on Peter’s tour of duty in Vietnam as part of the CIA’s covert counter insurgency Phoenix Program in 1969, the bonds of military service that tied him to the ethnic Khmer Krom mercenaries he fought beside and the subsequent twenty-five year battle to uncover their fate. The film encompasses the history of both Vietnam and Cambodia and American involvement in the region from 1945 to 1991. But it will take a completely new perspective: that of the Khmer Krom. To telt a story spanning five decades of how Cold War political turmoil in Indochina intersected with the battle for self-determination by an oppressed minority group in the Mekong Delta with tragic results.

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