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Lost In The Festival

Sofia Olins
Christopher Hird, Jacqui Marson

Lost In The Festival the is untold backstage story of Glastonbury Festival in the UK.  In the 1990s, legendary festival founder, Michael Eavis admitted, his event did not have the sell-out success it enjoys today. This music documentary that tells how some risqué new age travellers created Lost Vagueness: Glastonbury’s late-night home of vaudeville and freakery that would reignite one of biggest festivals in the world.

From 2004 we followed as Lost Vagueness’ wild parties reached further and deeper extremes, constantly redefining it's own subversive genre. Exclusive performances from Fatboy Slim and Madness as well as the ‘wedding’ of Kate Moss and Pete Doherty added to the drama. Then in 2007 Lost Vagueness imploded and the party at Glastonbury came to a crashing and unexpected halt.

Now the story picks up where they all left off. We reminisce with the creators and many of the eccentric performers. For some Lost Vagueness was a springboard for careers in major London venues, The Roundhouse, The South Bank and other leading festivals. It's hedonism to activism, as most of the collaborators are volunteering in the Calais Jungle and the Shangri-La creative vision is, face your demons rather than escape them.

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