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The Making of a King

Nicole Miyahara
Nicole Miyahara, Niccole Osborn

Everyone knows what a drag queen is, but what is a drag king? These male impersonators bind their chests, apply bald caps and facial hair, and create hand-made costumes to demonstrate the transformative power of their age-old, yet still marginalized art form. They share their passion by creating characters ranging from the boy next door to fantastical creatures.

THE MAKING OF A KING is the story of a how the art of drag empowers and liberates the Los Angeles king community from discrimination and the struggles of everyday life. Each is a self-made rising star on the DIY king circuit - an all-consuming creative world of exploration, with no rules. These kings are part of a rare and rising community, a regional chapter in an international art movement. They seek equality and recognition as they attempt to emerge from the shadow of the now mainstream drag queen scene, made popular by the reality competition show, "Ru Paul’s Drag Race." As drag kings are gaining momentum, what will it take for them to break into mainstream pop culture?

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