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Coleman Gladis
Coleman Gladis

Unconditional Hope is not just a documentary film about one of the most courageous and extraordinary women I know-my mother-it's also a movement and campaign designed to inspire more than one million people to live with hope, despite whatever challenges any of us may face.When my mother was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease in 1981, the reality of the situation was a hard fact she was forced to come to terms with. She could have given up, accepted the diagnosis, and gotten her affairs in order. She chose to adopt Hope Beyond the Conditions of her circumstance and continues to lead an epic life with ALS.The existence of Unconditional Hope creates the possibility for something better and inspires a commitment to a higher quality of life across the globe.It is a campaign to engage life with Unconditional Hope regardless of the magnitude of peril or fear we face.We want to light the world on fire with Unconditional Hope. And we couldn't have a more inspiring example: Mariah Gladis, therapist, mother, wife, and one the longest living survivors of Lou Gehrig's disease on the planet.What would it mean to live with Unconditional Hope while suffering from ALS, Cancer, or HIV? In a destroyed economy? In a culture of depression, ADD, multiple wars and school shootings? In a time when resignation and cynicism seems more accepted than ever? What would be possible if Unconditional Hope spread across the globe like a wonderful epidemic? Let's find out together.

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