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Mercy for Earth

Ignacio Barsottelli
Ignacio Barsottelli

What is our purpose as a species on this planet? "Mercy for Earth", a feature length documentary film that explores why we are in our current ecological state, provides an attainable and permanent solution which may just answer the question, why are we here? Why did some cultures learn to inherently live with nature when others didn't?With the participation of Academy Award winner Benicio Del Toro, leading scientists, politics, educators and students, we will tell our compelling story in a visually innovative way that will explore our current crisis, the falling number of animal species. How our consumption of animal based products used in food, fashion, and lifestyle has left some species on the verge of extinction. The sacrifices made by environmentalists; activists who have paid with their lives trying to warn us.Culminating with a call of support for our proposal, this story of our past, hidden tragedies, and optimistic future lend themselves perfectly to the medium of film, We present the solution of environmental education, and the forms with which it can be implemented. How this can be accomplished and what it will take from the audience.

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