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Caty Borum Chatoo, Leena Jayaswal
Jeffrey Tuchman (EP), Caty Borum Chatoo, Leena Jayaswal

Fifty years after the landmark Loving v. Virginia U.S. Supreme Court case ended legal persecution of interracial marriage in America, two mothers – one brown, one white – set off on a journey to explore what it means to be a bi-racial child living in a mixed-race family in so-called “post-racial America,” the perspectives of their own families and others, and America’s deep cultural ambivalence about its rapidly-changing mixed-race reality. In the shadows of Ferguson and #BlackLivesMatter and the historic Obama presidency, MIXED offers a new lens into race and the lives of the first generation of mixed-race kids and families to be counted in the U.S. Census. MIXED is directed and produced by Caty Borum Chattoo and Leena Jayaswal, and executive-produced by Jeffrey Tuchman for Documania Films.

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