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Mortality of Dreams

  • Angela Snow, Director/Producer


About the Project

If you build it, will they come? Mortality of Dreams is a feature documentary that follows Dr. Luis Vasquez's dream to build the first environmentally sustainable hospital in Peru, a-state-of the-art, international volunteer-run hospital that will provide healthcare for all who need it. The catch? It will be 600 miles from Lima, in the middle of the jungle. Over 9 years, he struggles against rain, corrupt politics, and lack of funding in an attempt to leave his legacy.

Completed after 10 years of filming in 2017, screenings began in 2018. "Mortality of Dreams" has had a great reception with its recent release. It screened at the Milwaukee Children’s Hospital, White River Indie Fest with a panel discussion including Dartmouth professors, at Global Ideas organization at the Alfred Hospital in Australia, and has a screening scheduled at the UCLA global health department with an in person Q&A. More are in the works.