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Now En Espanol

Andrea Meller
Andrea Meller, Aaron Woolf

In 2005, major television network ABC decided to simultaneously broadcast its primetime programming in Spanish using the Secondary Audio Program. While the decision to offer television in Spanish acknowledged the presence of a growing Latino audience and market, it didn't go further to determine who that audience was or what their own images and stories might be.

NOW EN ESPANOL is a timely documentary that follows the trials and triumphs of the small group of Latina actresses who dub "Desperate Housewives" into Spanish. Through engaging verite scenes and wry, all-knowing voice-over, the film is a portrait of these five women who remain invisible in their work but struggle to attain more prominent, on-screen roles. Among them, they are single mothers, divorcees, and recent immigrants striving to balance Hollywood dreams with the
responsibilities of making rent and raising children.

NOW EN ESPANOL makes these women - as well as the hardships they face succeeding in the mainstream media - visible, thereby offering a more complex representation of Latinos in the US and ultimately challenging our image of what American culture looks and sounds like.

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