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One Step Beyond

Charles Smith
Charlie Smith, Katherine Mullin

One Step Beyond chronicles the journey of John Tinuga and Furaha Noor, two youth from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, as they leave their homes, travel to the United States for a three week leadership program, and return to their communities with a new vision of the world and their place in it. John and Furaha participate in a dynamic and challenging youth leadership program, the BoldLeaders Project, that inspires young people to access basic human resources and identify inhibiting stories, so that they can interact with the world powerfully and creatively. Charged with new understanding, insight, and skill, John and Furaha return home to Dar Es Salaam and create the Voice Giving Project, a NGO that aims to empower others and inspire community change. Their first project, the bus-stop cleaning project, focuses on raising awareness about environmental conservation. This movement quickly attracts other young people and becomes a wildly successful, sparking the attention of the government, the public, the embassy, and the national press.

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