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Our Medicine

Ilka de Laat
Ilka de Laat & Jessica Congdon

Imagine if your child had a pediatric condition that threatened their very quality of life. Now, what if you heard rumor of a treatment that was often highly successful but still very risky, that was considered by many to be immoral, and that was illegal to purchase nearly everywhere? What would you do?

Our Medicine follows three conservative-Christian, traditional, all-American families as they move from being staunchly anti-marijuana to trying cannabis as medicine for their children. Forced to seek remedies beyond the healthcare system, beyond state borders and beyond their comfort zones, they each undertake unexpected personal journeys that find them traversing the country, making the case for cannabis access in the halls of power, and living lives they could never have expected.  

Throughout it all, they remain deeply concerned with the health of their children, obsessively tracking each sign of improvement and decline in their conditions. Their stories will revolutionize the way we all think about marijuana in the United States.

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