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Out of the Dark

Jeff DePonte
Jeff DePonte, Kuch Naren, Lisa Altieri, Tim Bowden

More than thirty years after the end of the brutal reign of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge, Nuon Phaly continues to battle the legacy of their repressive regime. From the squalor of Phnom Penh garbage dumps to the poverty of the provinces, Phaly's mission is to help children and to provide them with food, shelter, and education at Future Light Orphanage. But, she must also come to terms with the trauma endured by her own daughter at the hands of the Khmer Rouge. After more than a dozen years under the rule of neighboring Vietnam, UN-sanctioned free elections were held in Cambodia in 1993. Phaly moved her family out of a Thai refugee center, and returned to Phnom Penh to build a new life for herself and her loved ones. In an act of selflessness, she would also bring 9 widows and 91 orphans out of the camp, in the hope that together, they might forge better lives. Thus, Future Light Orphanage was born. Future Light Orphanage is a testament to the power of the human spirit, the legacy of a remarkable woman. It's here in her work with the children that Nuon Phaly is building a better Cambodia. And, it's where, with the simple gift of hope, Phaly is leading her country Out of the Dark.

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