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The Politics of Youth Culture

Cyntha Perez
Carmelo Alvarez

The Politics of Youth Culture is a full-length documentary about the various tiers of discrimination that urban youth have faced since the 1980's. However, through alternative spaces, adolescents have been given opportunities to exercise their talents, and develop cultural movements. Today we have seen the manifestation of these centers including their societal and cultural benefits.The Politics of Youth Culture traces the personal story of passionate youth advocate Carmelo Alvarez who has been providing safe havens for youth to develop their artistic, leadership and social skills. For over 30 years Carmelo has been battling the hypocrisy, bureaucracy and prejudices that the community, and government at all levels have inflicted upon the youth. Despite the hardships and opposition Carmelo continues to work with adolescents, and has not given up on his commitment of creating a self-sustaining space run by youth for youth, with minimal adult intervention.The audience sees the trajectory of Carmelo's frustration with the lack of opportunities in the arts and how that has led him to open youth spaces. Including very well known youth centers such as Radio Tron, The Peace and Justice Center, Luna Sol and the Downtown Los Angeles Youth Center. All of which have harbored talented breakers, graffiti, music artists, and youth leaders before they became prominent activists in the local and global community.

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