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A Popular Stranger

Michael J. Finnegan
Michael J. Finnegan

An inner city youth uses music to unite a community.  He uses his music not to get rich but to influence a community from within, to bring a community together, and to rise above the negative environment in which he lives. American inner cities face ever-so-challenging times. It offers young men and women few opportunities to rise above their socioeconomic class. Creating something from nothing seems like a tale from the past. This documentary profiles a young man, David or A.O.E., which means Art Over Everything. A.O.E. is a passionate underground hip-hop artist from the urban neighborhoods of Bridgeport, Connecticut. A.O.E. chooses music to foster a better life for himself and the people around him. Hustling to create a portrait of urban life through music, he wakes up each day with the goal of chasing this musical passion. Wading through the struggles of the inner city, where gun violence and deindustrialization define his world, A.O.E. has a hunger for more. Creating songs from nothing, creating albums from those songs, and performing those albums to the millennials who are eager to hear the next big hit. Everyday is a struggle. He started from nothing and has bigger-than-life goals. A.O.E. learned how to chase his passion to create a positive from a magnitude of negatives that surround him, and channel those positives to help his community.    

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