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The Porky Chedwick Project

Josh Gilbert
Josh Gilbert

At WAMO Radio at the foot of the Homestead High Level Bridge just outside of Pittsburgh, Pa. -- way before Alan Freed coined the term "Rock and Roll" -- a young white DJ named Porky Chedwick promoted a playlist of eclectic R&B, Blues, Jazz and Zydeco with a sound uniquely his own. From his DJ booth in a rimshot 250 watt station, Chedwick defined an era and changed music history forever.Even today, at 93, the undisputed godfather of Oldies Radio is still referred to as "The Man." He's the ultimate bad boy high school phenomenon who made the bad boys feel good and the good boys feel bad. He got the young girls dancing and the DA's brawling. He was the record hopping DJ; the Daddio of the Radio; the Platter Pushin' Papa who gave black musicians their first chance to be heard by white audiences, and in his own crazy cool way, lead the march towards Martin Luther King Jr.'s Promised Land.

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