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Portrait of Harry

Erik Angra
Erik Angra, Sandri Valente, Heather Wallick

This renowned painter (H. Somers) endured an incredible trauma and is now suffering from a terminal illness. Here's why he doesn't let either of those things stop him from living a full (and inspiring) life.It is often eluded that every modern generation takes for granted the wisdom of its elders. Yet the importance of this issue didn't hit home until we met ninety-year-old Harry Somers, a successful impressionist painter and Holocaust survivor. For the first time in his life, Harry would talk about growing up in Zweibruecken, Germany, in the shadows of the Nazi Socialist Party, escaping on a Kindertransport to Australia, and losing almost every relative to the death camps of the Holocaust. More than anything, Harry would give his two cents about the beauty of life, hope, survival, forgiveness and about the best frankfurter he ever had in his life.

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