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Heidi Rataj
Heidi Rataj, Theresa Hoiles

Reflect is a new documentary television series featuring six seniors living in San Diego today. The series will explore cultural myths and assumptions about what it means to age.

We are an aging nation, every eight seconds someone becomes a senior. The growth of our older population will present challenges to policymakers and programs - it will also affect families, businesses, and health care providers.

As the largest group of individuals in the United States, it’s important to understand how seniors live today.

How do we navigate the years of our lives? For some the struggles and setbacks send them reeling; for others they push through and find ways to not only cope but come out on top. Making it to the twilight years is a certain sign of determination, strength, and hope. The seniors in REFLECT show us how to live and why it’s important to keep moving forward. They also highlight the reality that there is still purpose and adventures ahead! Their independence, autonomy, success, charity, and sense of community give all of us reason to look forward to many tomorrows.

Aging Is The New Cool - Embrace It. Welcome It. Challenge It.

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