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  • Julia Andersen, Director
  • Hans Rosenwinkel, Producer
  • Craig Volk, Producer
  • & Julia Andersen, Producer

Lady liberty below the word "reimagine"

About the Project

ReImagine: A feature length documentary film following a young activist, as she searches for solutions to the western world's energy problems. Along the way she meets some of the world's leading scientists, activists, and innovators. She wants desperately to see the West released from its fossil fuel addiction, and seeks out examples of other countries doing just that. She finds that economic security and homeland security cannot be achieved without freedom from fossil fuels. Innovations with renewable energy have, and are, creating sustainability for other countries. How will the West have to change? She hunts around the world with one goal: how to get Western society off its fossil fuel addiction and transcend to a sustainable energy economy. Using inexhaustible, clean, safe, affordable, and reliable energy. ReImagine.