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  • Nick Spark, Director
  • Nick Spark and Mona Lisa Yuchengco, Producer

About the Project

RIGHT FOOTED chronicles the story of 29-year-old Jessica Cox, who was born without arms as the result of a birth defect. Jessica found a way to thrive using mental agility and physical flexibility - and her feet. She puts contact lenses in with her big toe. She earned a college degree typing papers with all ten, and drives a car with one foot on the wheel. Inspired by childhood dreams and a burning desire to prove her independence, Jessica took flying lessons and became the first person with her condition to earn a pilot's license. Today she travels all over the world sharing her story and promoting equal rights, opportunities and acceptance for alternately-abled people.

RIGHT FOOTED tells Jessica's story and her ongoing work to change the lives of other people - alternately-abled and "normal" - in the USA and abroad. The documentary traces her past, and follows her life in the present day. Some of the highlights include her wedding (to her former Taekwondo instructor), a trip to Kansas City to mentor a young girl who was also born without arms, and a journey to Ethiopia with NGO Handicap International. In Ethiopia, where disability can result in marginalization and denigration, Jessica promotes the idea that disability does not mean inability.

Jessica's message is not just about what it means to be alternately-abled, it's about the importance of being different. Our goal with this film is to touch and inspire anyone who feels different, and foster change in places where difference is a curse. This documentary is the story of a woman who would not let even the most severe physical limitations stop her. It is our hope to share Jessica's story in schools, and on television and via the Internet, all over the world.