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Rita Dove, An American Poet

Eduardo Montes-Bradley, Soledad Liendo
Shalita O'Neale

The Heritage Film Project (HFP) has successfully produced bio-documentaries exploring the connection between the life and works of distinguish men and women, not only within the realm of the arts and sciences but also in the realm of public service and humanities as depicted in the film, Julian Bond. Most recently, Producer/Director Eduardo Montes-Bradley brought to the attention of the HFP the greater challenge to produce a feature documentary film; a true biographical sketch on one of America's most celebrated poets. Rita Dove, An American Poet will present one of the quintessential bards of Academia as a poet of the people, a true American soul. With that premise in mind and a first interview with the writer at her home in Charlottesville Virginia, Montes-Bradley began a portrait of the familiar Dove, one enfolded by the memories of her parents, early recollections of a segregated Akron and first experiences abroad.We have not yet concluded Principal Photography, home movies and slides must be digitized with the highest standards of the industry and hours of editing are needed to secure a first draft and ultimately a final print. With your support, we will be able to bring this film to fruition.

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