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Run While You Can

Marion Mauran
Marion Mauran, Cecily Mauran, Mitchell Block

In the fall of 2011, 24 year-old Sam Fox will embark on one of the greatest physical challenges imaginable: attempting to break the speed record on the 2650-mile long Pacific Crest Trail. To do it he will need to finish in 60 days, running 44 miles each day, pushing his body to the brink of destruction. Sam sees this as an opportunity to test himself. But what really motivates a person to challenge himself so extremely?For half of his life, Sam has watched his mother's escalating struggle with Parkinson's disease, and seeing her mobility decline has influenced his sense of the body's limitations. Over the course of the 60-day run, his body will deteriorate. The stress will take its physical toll, putting him at risk for broken bones and long-term injuries. The chance of failure is high, and whether he finishes will be determined more by the strength of his mind than his body.Unlike his mother, however, Sam's struggle is voluntary, a choice. This film examines how a youngest son copes with his mother's struggle with Parkinson's disease, by choosing to endure a physical test to demonstrate emotions that words cannot express.

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