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The Russian River: All Rivers

William Sorensen
William Sorensen, Stella Kwiecinski

The Russian River courses through Northern California's famed wine country - one of the most visited - and arguably, one of the most beautiful - places in the world. But do we truly understand the Russian River's importance?THE RUSSIAN RIVER: ALL RIVERS explores the conflicts and challenges to restore and retain the health of this comparatively small, but essential, river and its watershed. How did the river reach its precarious state? The film covers the river's history - as a geological, biological and social entity - as well as the problems it currently faces from mining, run-off, excessive urban and agricultural development, and diversion... problems shared by rivers throughout the world.Expressing the profound beauty of the river and its ecosystem, the film also explores what we can do to restore and maintain the river's health, and confer on it the understanding and respect this great resource deserves.

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