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The S Word

Lisa Klein
Doug Blush, Julian Cautherley, Kurt Norton
Lightning strikes the golden gate bridge

The S Word will give voice to those who have not only survived, but have courageously transformed their personal struggles into strength, action and even humor - providing a window into the lives of those surviving and thriving beyond their suicide attempts. Through these stories will emerge a mosaic of humanity - yielding powerful emotional connections for those who feel alone.

These efforts can and will save lives. For those who have lost somebody to suicide, just knowing that there are people to talk to can get somebody through those dark days, weeks, months or years of utter despair and help build a life worth living.  Everybody knows somebody who has been touched by suicide in some way yet the shame and stigma prevent us from talking about it. This documentary will open the conversation on one of the last great taboos of our society - the "S" word.  

It is not the word suicide that is the problem - it is the silence that so often follows.