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Seabiscuit's Legacy

John Osborne
Leigh Anne Lindsey, John Osborne

Seabiscuit's Legacy is an inspirational, uplifting film of hurt, hope, and healing. This knobby-kneed racehorse was a legend, an icon for the downtrodden, unappreciated Americans broken by the Great Depression. He was the underdog who overcame tremendous odds and gave them inspiration for a better future, for the possibility of success in spite of imperfection, hurt, and hard times.

He was a nexus of healing for people around the world, and particularly to those closest to him – his trainer Tom Smith, jockey Red Pollard, and owner, Charles Howard. That healing and inspiration continues today for special needs children and wounded war veterans who are able to overcome their tremendous odds because of an equine therapy program at the Home of Seabiscuit, Ridgewood Ranch.

Back in the mid-20s, Seabiscuit's owner, Charles Howard, was devastated by the loss of his young son Frankie in an auto accident on the ranch. After that tragic event, Charles and his close friend Doc Babcock helped build the Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital that opened in 1928. In 2015, a brand new facility will continue to provide hope and healing for generations to come. All of this Seabiscuit’s legacy.

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