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The Search for Israeli Cuisine

Roger Sherman
Roger Sherman

Israel has an amazing cutting edge food scene. This is the first film to bring the richness and variety of Israeli cuisine to Americans.Chef Michael Solomonov is a young, inspiring Israeli born American who will be our guide. Solo, as he's known, travels all over Israel, eating and talking about how ethnic traditions from across the diaspora have been incorporated into one diverse Israeli cuisine.This is the story of cultures coming together, foods are that are brought form far and wide, becoming Israeli cuisine. Our cameras follow Solo as he shows Americans a cuisine most know nothing about. The chef travels the whole country - Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the North, and the South - in search of the best cooking: Jewish, Muslim and Christian. He visits home cooks and top chefs, dining in fine restaurants and holes-in-the-wall, tasting world-class cheese and wine.The Search for Israeli Cuisine has a mission to surprise and inform viewers. It's part travelogue, part history, always illuminating. The film will shift focus away from all conflict all the time and introduce Israeli cuisine to the fast growing population of food travelers, people who were unaware of the country's hot food scene.