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Secret Subs: Search for the Mysterious Submarines of WWII

  • Devon Chivvis , Director
  • J. Mark Fowler, Producer
  • Alicia Albee, Producer
  • Nickolay Todorov, Producer

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About the Project

A deep, stealth vibration cuts through the waters of the Western Pacific. The 400 foot submarine careens toward her target. Inside 3 kamakazi Seiran aircraft pilots prepare for their final mission. But before they reach their target, this massive Sen Toku submarine is called off. Japan has surrendered to the Allies. The year is 1945. World War II has ended. After US Naval prize crews take control of the Sen Toku submarines, Russia gets word of their advanced technology and demands access to them. In hopes of hiding them from the Russians, the US scuttles the subs off Oahu, HI. With no record of their coordinates, these elusive submarines would never be seen again--until now. From the final days of World War II to the recent discovery of the I-401 wreckage at 3,000 feet deep, found by Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory's deep submersible pilots, "Secret Subs" portrays this untold story.