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Sentencing Children

Daniel H. Birman
Daniel H. Birman, Megan E. Chao
the arms of child reach through the prison door grate, ready to be handcuffed.

America is struggling with issues centering on justice.  Youth and race are two big newsmakers because as bizarre as it might seem in this country, both are still grossly misunderstood and abused.  Our justice system reflects cultural concerns based in fear, and our children often pay the biggest price.  

When more than a million juveniles are arrested every year and it becomes commonplace in our thinking, we have to stop and ask, “Why?”  And why is it that America – the land of democracy, immense opportunity and wealth – has the strictest juvenile sentencing laws in the world?

Sentencing Children takes an in-depth look at the harsh juvenile sentencing laws in America, and explores other alternatives.