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  • Jennifer Arnold, Director/Producer
  • Patti Lee, Producer

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About the Project

When Hilde Back sponsored a young, impoverished Kenyan student, she thought nothing of it. She paid roughly $15 dollars per term to keep him in primary school. She certainly never expected to hear from him, but many years later, she does. Chris Mburu has been thinking of his "angel" Hilde since he was a boy. The small contribution she made paid off – Chris went all the way to Harvard. Now, he's a respected UN human rights lawyer, dedicating his life to battling genocide and crimes against humanity. Chris decides to replicate Hilde's generosity by starting his own scholarship fund, which will educate bright kids in his village so they can also succeed and give back. But he's stunned when Kenya's public schools start failing, and only two new students qualify for sponsorship. Simultaneously, Kenya falls into ethnic-based electoral violence. After working on conflicts in neighboring countries, Chris knows that ignorance fuels ethnic hatred. Education has never been more important. Chris must decide what to do.