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A Song for My Sister

Princesse Nabintu, Joanna Heatwole

Longing to protect her daughters from the discrimination and violence of Congo’s endless civil war, Rachel Namberwa composed a unique blessing song for each of her children at birth. In a historic context where physical features could be blamed for discrimination and hatred, Rachel sheltered her children’s self-image by lovingly describing them in unique, fond and funny singsong chants. When the family was violently attacked in their refugee camp by genocidal rebel factions targeting their ethnic group, Rachel’s power to protect her children was tested severely.

Rachel’s eldest daughter Princesse, now a mother herself, directs this music and spoken-word poetry-based short film as her personal tribute to both the devastating impact of war on motherhood and the power of one person to create a loving and hopeful space despite heartbreaking circumstances.

The A Song for My Sister project is linked to a traveling multimedia exhibit Survivors including color photographs, audio interview clips, and a short music-based documentary titled Survivors: Voices of the Artists.

For further information see www.facebook.com/survivorsshow or contact Princesse Nabintu survivorsshow@gmail.com

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