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Stray Bullet

Jean-Cosme Delaloye
Francine Lusser, Gérard Monier, Jean-Cosme Delaloye

Genesis Rincon had no chance of surviving the stray bullet that hit her during a gang shootout on July 5, 2014. The 12-year-old girl collapsed in front of her younger sister, Alexis, as they were walking home in Paterson, NJ, a poverty-stricken New York suburb with a population of 140,000 but overrun by 140 gangs.


The fragile existence of Genesis’ parents is shattered by the tragedy. Her father, Alexis Sr, had just graduated from college. After his daughter’s death, he suffers from depression and loses everything. Genesis’ mother, feels tremendous guilt and decides to leave Paterson for Florida with her daughter Alexis. And Alexis, in the eye of this storm, grows into a role of strength and maturity beyond her years.


The mothers of two young black men accused of killing Genesis, also see their lives crumble. They hope that Harley Breite, a jiu-jitsu-fighting attorney, will prevent their children from being sentenced to life in prison. STRAY BULLET explores the connections between the people impacted by Genesis’ death. The film asks what is the deeper impact of a stray bullet on a community, and can its members not only find personal reconciliation but also justice within a broken system?

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