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Teach Your Children Well

Gary Takesian
Gary Takesian and Roz Esposito

Every school day thousands of young people who identify as either lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans-gender face harassment, bullying, and even violence for simply being who they are. Teach Your Children Well is a documentary short (39 min) narrated by Emmy Award winning actress and comedienne, Lily Tomlin.

The film explores the often tragic effects of homophobia, bullying, and school violence against L-G-B-T young people. It tells its story through interviews with parents, teachers, students, and professionals from various gay and lesbian service organizations. The film includes an on-camera recounting of the recent suicide of 13 year old Seth Walsh, by his mother, Wendy Walsh. Seth was one of the four teen suicides who made national headlines in September, 2010, and for whom anti-bullying "Seth's Law" was named in California.

The film's primary goal is to bring homophobia and its harmful repercussions to light, and to hopefully effect a change in society's consciousness such that the bullying and violence against our LGBT young people is greatly reduced - and ultimately eliminated. It is our intention that the message of this film expands beyond theaters and film festivals, reaching into the areas where these aggressive behaviors take place: our schools, homes and neighborhoods. Mahatma Gandhi said, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." It is up to each of us to be that change. You can help us with your donation to this project.

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