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They Wore the Red Suit

Larry Peter
Larry Peter, Karen Peter

There are angels living among us. They have no wings and wear red suits. They radiate joy and jingle like sleigh bells when they walk. These beings are perhaps our last connection to the magic and innocence we were so certain of as children.They Wore the Red Suit examines a world where Santa Claus is far more than a department store backdrop for overpriced snapshots. There exists a handful of men who have devoted their lives to living the legend of Santa and making him real for all of us, 365 days a year. It is their calling, their vocation and their career.Through Santa schools, conventions and the theme parks they call their homes, this film examines how the legend, the vocation and the industry of Santa Claus have merged to form the image of Santa we hold today.You'll visit the historic sites where the Santa career originated and see how a first-time Santa handles a day visiting children at a major theme park. From the Men in the Red Suits themselves you'll hear stories of Santa magic that will bring laughter, tears and awe.

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