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The Three Hikers

Natalie Avital

Framed by the hostile relationship between Iran and the US, this feature documentary reveals the breathtaking, personal story of three Americans--Sarah Shourd, Shane Bauer, and Josh Fattal--captured in July 2009 and held in Iran's notorious Evin Prison. The political is uniquely made personal with exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage that paints an intimate portrait of a dynamic cross-section of American families from coast to coast, all engaged in the battle of their lives: to free their loved ones in the midst of a 3-decade stand-off. While highlighting the story's absence from mainstream media and providing a well-researched, historical and political context, The Three Hikers clarifies who these Americans are and how they got there, follows their families' relentless, awe-inspiring adventure to bring them home, sheds light upon US-Iranian relations, and examines human rights issues. Academics and experts, from MIT to Stanford and Amnesty International to the Iranian-American Council, weigh in with stunning, comprehensive perspectives as the film makes a firm statement advocating for all unjustly held political prisoners. It brings human rights and political issues home to a place everyone can relate to--family and survival--by telling an astounding story of the true ramifications of political imprisonment with one-of-a-kind footage taken as events unfolded.

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