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Time We Share

John Cooper, Heather Silver
Heather Silver, John Cooper

More than one million American families lose a child during pregnancy or shortly after birth every year. Surprisingly, most health care professionals have had no formal training in how to care for these families, and find themselves not only at a loss as to how they can help, but also what to say, or what not to say.  This has to change.

This film is one step to help educate anyone who provides care across the health care spectrum to families who have suffered a loss.  It is also intended to provide support and guidance for those who have experienced a loss or are carrying a baby who has a life limiting condition.

This project is long overdue, and your support will help give insight to the emotional journey these families face from diagnosis, birth, and death of their babies. It will also show how complicated making parenting decisions can be knowing their baby will not survive. Most importantly, it will show the "time they share" with their babies and the incredible bond that happens between parent and child.

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