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Lisa Leeman
Lisa Leeman, Karen Hori, Susan Stryker

Filmmaker Lisa Leeman revisits animation artist and devout Christian Gabi P 25 years after Leeman intimately chronicled Gabi’s gender transition in the groundbreaking documentary Metamorphosis (Sundance Filmmakers’ Trophy/ POV 1990).  As Gabi confronts a new crossroads, Lisa confronts thorny ethical questions around the responsibilities filmmakers have to the people whose lives they film, and the blind spots inherent in being a cis-gender filmmaker profiling a gender-non-conforming person. 

We are at a critical time - we need to raise $25,000 to cover our final shoot and two months of editing to get to a strong rough cut while we wait for the next grants to arrive. Please consider donating - a 2020 premiere will be the 30th anniversary of Metamorphosis premiering at Sundance & POV!

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