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THE TRIAL: How the Israelis tried, convicted, and executed the world's most notorious mass murderer... and what it means for us today

Jonathan Dann
Jonathan Dann

On May 11, 1960, Israeli agents captured Adolf Eichmann, the most wanted Nazi perpetrator of the Holocaust. The Israelis smuggled Eichmann from Argentina, where he had found a sympathetic haven, to Jerusalem to stand trial…the first trial ever to be televised.

THE TRIAL is a feature documentary about the trial for history’s greatest crime: the annihilation of every third Jew on earth. In the spring of 1961, as dozens of survivors bore witness, Eichmann looked on from a bulletproof glass booth. The five month court proceedings revealed the full details of the Holocaust for the very first time. More than any other event the trial has shaped our view of the Holocaust today.

NEW: Eichmann claimed he was a benevolent bureaucrat, but new evidence proves he was a fanatical killer.