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Carlos Manuel Aguilar
Carlos Manuel Aguilar

TRIFECTA, is the story of three unfulfilled lives that follows the roller coaster ride of three homeless young men impaired by mental illness and physical handicaps. James Adams' early onset Schizophrenia, Conway Akers'  lumbar-disc disease and Dustin Kinnear's Bipolar disease and drug addiction robbed them of their hopes, aspirations and ideals. In James and Conway's case Social Security's numerous denials of disability benefits proliferated the misery that engulfed their lives. Their existence on the streets of Hollywood chronicles the jarring inside story of physical disability, mental illness and the ravages of Schizoaffective disease, providing insight on how a rational existence can be trampled to the point of destroying any hope for a normal subsistence or a productive life.

Trifecta's character driven subjective view of the schizophrenic patient advocates for services, treatment, support and compassion for all those in need. James Adams and Dustin Kinnear encapsulate all co-factors of schizophrenia and bipolar disease gone awry. They include trash can-homelessness, absent families, the inability to seek public services and repeated rejection by the Social Security Administration when seeking disability benefits and a shortage of housing options for US the homeless population.

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