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True to Our Native Land

Tomeika Evans
Weldon Bishop, Tomeika Evans, Trevor Pendleton, Jenique Mincey,

"True to Our Native Land" is a series of documentaries chronicling African American veterans experiences in the U.S. Armed Forces throughout American history. They  give detailed accounts about defending a country where racism was prevalent within it's military branches.

These untold war stories are critical to capture as historical documentation rarely, accurately records the experiences of people of color. These veterans can help fill in the gaps with their accounts to tell a more complete story. Subjects are asked the same question: What was it like to be black in the U.S. armed forces during WWII, The Korean War and The Vietnam War? It is urgent that the stories of WWII veterans are documented soon because of their age.

We can't let this history die with our vets. Your help in bringing these important American war stories to light is appreciated.

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