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  • Eric Christiansen, Director/Producer

a collage of six portraits

About the Project

In a world where images of trauma have become an almost daily occurrence, there’s a need to educate the general public about the lasting impact trauma has on survivors, their families and communities, and give people hope again for a better future.

A new film, UnMASKing HOPE from documentarian Eric Christiansen seeks to deliver a much-needed message of HOPE through inspirational stories about the human spirit that can help create bridges of inclusion and tolerance for those stigmatized by trauma.

UnMASKing HOPE chronicles the extraordinary stories of a disparate group of trauma survivors who don “masks” that bury their spiritual and emotional pain. From 9/11 and mass shooting survivors, to service members in combat and chronic sexual abuse victims, the film goes behind their MASKS to experience the abuse, social stigma, and moral injury that have scarred their souls. As we are taken on their journey from seclusion to inclusion, we realize that the aggregate stories of these brave individuals share a powerful message of HOPE inspiring us to unMASK our own HOPE and be who we were born to be.

While driven by deeply emotional storytelling, UnMASKing HOPE calls upon the expertise of top mental health professionals who provide insight around trauma and the challenges survivors face as they try and heal their wounds. Ultimately the film demonstrates the resiliency of the human spirit and promotes tolerance and empathy for those who have been stigmatized by unthinkable traumatic events.

We still need funding to finish this critical project!

With your generous donation, EC Productions can complete production of UnMASKing HOPE and unify audiences around the inspirational journeys of trauma survivors and the universal need for all of us to find hope.

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