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Untitled MOCA Documentary Project

Kenneth Eng
Kenneth Eng

The story of a struggling museum that went from the brink of closing to running a successful $88 million capital campaign.

In Manhattan, in order for non-profit organizations to survive, they must own their own real estate. Property values are at all time highs and rental prices make it difficult for museums to be sustainable. Struggling to pay rent, MOCA (Museum of Chinese in America) is forced to re-evaluate their approach and consider the unthinkable -try to buy their own building in 2019.

In order to reach their goal, MOCA launches an $88 million Capital Campaign.As part of their fundraiser, members of MOCA run in the 2019 NYC Marathon and use it as an opportunity to bring attention to Chinese-American History.

The film follows MOCA as they navigate local politics and nonprofit world - the planning and execution of the capital campaign culminating (hopefully) with the opening of the museum in their permanent home.

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