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Untitled Partners In Health documentary

Kief Davidson
Kief Davidson, Cori Stern, Matt Damon

This is the story of Partners In Health, a remarkable public health charity organization operating in thirteen of the poorest countries around the world and the controversial man who founded it, Dr. Paul Farmer. Dr. Farmer and his colleagues are larger-than-life heroes to millions, fighting to change the way the world cares for the poorest among us, by insisting on quality health care as a basic inalienable human right. Our intent is to capture the story of Dr. Farmer and the doctors, firebrands, and former patients turned lifesavers themselves that form the core of Partners In Health, the organization he co-founded as a college student 30 years ago in rural Haiti.

We were able to document PIH's work immediately post-quake in Haiti, where Dr. Farmer, in his role as UN Deputy Envoy to Haiti, is helping to create a plan for Haiti's rebirth based on his years of experience working with the Haitian people and alongside the Haitian government. Additionally we plan to explore the work of Farmer and his colleagues as they continue to work ceaselessly for the health rights of HIV patients in Malawi, prisoners in Siberia, genocide survivors in Rwanda, and the poor across the world.

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