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War For the Web

J. Cameron Brueckner
Ben Caspi, J. Cameron Brueckner, Michael Wooldridge

Do we have the right to free speech? The right to privacy? The right to security?The same rights that have protected our democracy for generations are now in jeopardy in the most unlikely of places: online. The Internet may appear to be an open forum, but behind closed doors, a war is being waged between corporations and governments for control of the virtual universe, affecting the way we access the Internet, the content we can post, the sites we can see, and the security of the data we send.The harsh truth is that few of us possess any real knowledge about how the Internet works. Though the United States invented this marvel, our complacency has put this country behind. As technology advances, our infrastructure has declined. As the world becomes more connected, our rights have become more restricted.It's time to take a stand. In this fight for our online rights, who will win the War for the Web?

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