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Sandra Luckow
Sandra Luckow

World-renowned forensic psychiatrist from Yale University, Dr. Bandy Lee, like France’s Joan of Arc, is on a divinely-inspired quest to remove Donald Trump from power. Defying professional ethics, she ignores thousands of death threats, and publishes The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump. Dr. Lee is steadfast in her determination to save the world by a duty to warn the public and provide expert counsel governing entities against biblical odds. Joan of Arc was burned at the stake will Dr. Lee have a similar fate?

The themes in this project are both timely and classic: power and the abuse of power in leadership; toxic politics and societal malignant normalcy; mental illness and its stigma; spirituality, religion and religiosity; the ideals of non-partisan, duty-to-warn and duty-to-serve; individual sacrifice for the greater good and martyrdom; the difference between family legacy and dynasty; fitness for the office of the US presidency and who gets to decide; as well as the clash that often exists between personal and professional ethics.