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We Grew Wings

Sarah Henderson and Erich Lyttle
Ellen Schmidt-Devlin

In 1985 a handful of young women from Oregon high schools went to the University of Oregon in Eugene to compete in track. There, the storied legacy of men's track and field dwarfed all other programs and the women's program was an inconvenient necessity as universities everywhere were coping with the growing pains of Title IX. Improbable as it was, the women's team went on to win an exciting NCAA championship defeating a UCLA team that featured Olympian Jackie Joyner Kersey. Flash forward to 2011 as the Oregon women's track and field team is vying for the first NCAA Outdoor Track and Field title since the '85 team. We Grew Wings looks into the lives of a few athletes from both eras and develops the parallels and the contrasts of these women athletes from different generations. How has athletics enriched their lives, how far have we come in honoring women as athletes, and ultimately how important is it to promote and celebrate sports and physical recreation to the coming generations? We Grew Wings explores, answers and questions the progression of women's sports through an intimate lens aimed at this untold story.

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