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Wear it on the Outside

  • Roey Shmool, Director
  • Kat Rohrer, Producer
  • Roey Shmool, Producer

About the Project

Wear it on the Outside will provide a thorough examination into the realities of living with a condition that isn't seen or heard. By revealing the stories of five adults living with congenital Anorectal malformations or Hirschsprung's disease, the film will shed light on the trauma and stigma associated with having serious gastrointestinal disorders.

Through intimate interviews, scenes from the characters' everyday lives, special events and "Memory Vignettes;" the audience's understanding of these conditions will be broadened far beyond the operating room. Therefore, the film will not dwell on the scientific explanations. Rather, it will depict the inner, more human aspects --How surgery as an infant can shape one's life? What it's like not to have control over "simple" bodily functions? And the implications both have on family, friends, classmates and co-workers?