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Women At War: Forgotten Female Veterans of Desert Storm

Christie Davis
Christie Davis and Dennis Davis

The feature documentary "Women At War: Forgotten Female Veterans of Desert Storm" takes an intimate look at women soldiers' experiences during 1991's Persian Gulf War and their heart-breaking battles with Gulf War related illnesses since they've returned home. The Persian Gulf War was a toxic battlefield--bio-chemical exposures, oil well fires, anthrax inoculations and depleted uranium. Ticker tape parades and cheering crowds greeted returning soldiers. Seventeen years later, their war's not over. Many female veterans, disabled, some confined to wheelchairs, struggle to care for their families and search for answers to their war-related illnesses only to be told by the VA "it's all in your head" or "we have nothing for female veterans with children." Their voices cry out for help. Why has our government denied us proper testing, treatment and compensation? Why have we been abandoned by the country we laid down our lives to serve?

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