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  • Jairus McLeary, Director
  • Gethin Aldous, Director
  • Alice Henty, Producer
  • Jairus McLeary, Producer
  • Miles McLeary, Producer
  • Eon McLeary, Producer
  • Angela Sostre, Producer

A Black Male Folsom inmate stands in a blue shirt in front of a diverse group of male prisoners.

About the Project

Set entirely inside the legendary Folsom State Prison, THE WORK documents an intense four-day group therapy session between convicts and select members of the public. As each man delves deep within themselves, we see profound moments of masculinity, fragility and compassion. And as the incarcerated men continue to dig deeper, the free men are ripped from their comfort zones and forced to see themselves in unexpected ways.

THE WORK is more than a prison film. It looks beyond the tropes of brick walls, steel doors and isolation, and instead reveals deeper undercurrents of redemption and transcendence. By focusing on the healing powers of one unique prison therapy program, THE WORK expands our understanding of rehabilitation itself.

We all know the prison system is broken. THE WORK presents one step toward a solution.