Inside the IDA

March 1, 1999
Outtakes In January, with impeachment hearings i n full brew, it was time to get out of town , to somepl ace where the Constitution just isn 't
December 1, 1998
Outtakes November seemed a month of calm, compared to the hectic and joyous celebrations of the month before. It was then that the docu­faithful came
November 1, 1998
NOVA Celebrates Silver Anniversary on PBS NOVA , PBS's award-winning science documentary program, celebrated 25 years of quality science programming
October 1, 1998
Outtakes As the days dwindle down to just a precious few... No sooner had I finished predicting torrents of activity for the magical month of October
September 1, 1998
Outtakes Just as surely as the waning days of summer summon up a frisson of rue and regret, so too do the early days of autumn trigger a strange air
June 1, 1998
Outtakes The power troika of Haugland, McLane and Ouchida stormed into New York for the annual IDA Trustees confab. Sheila Nevins of HBO played the
May 1, 1998
Outtakes With the swallows back in Capistrano, IDA's Exec Direc Betsy McLane flew to Cannes for a few days of hobnobbing at MIP­DOC with Board member